ICF Walls Double Bedroom Addition

This is a 2 storey rear addition with 2 identical bedrooms on top of one another using Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction from basement to the 2nd storey. The pure rectangular shape lends itself suitably to the ICF construction. ICF walls have thermal mass and more insulating than conventional wood stud construction. Annual heating and cooling costs will be lower as shown in tests done by National Research Canada Council. This rear addition to the existing bungalow allowed the owner’s multi-generational family to stay in the house during the entire construction of the addition. The house is also equipped with a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV). The total area of the new addition is about 70% increase to the existing house area while the total increase in heating and cooling cost is only a 15% increase after the addition.

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new EIFS rigid insulation is added to the existing 2 wyths brick walls 

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Outboard EPS Wall Insulation and Outboard Poly-Iso Roof Insulation Addition

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Rear Addition to Mix-Use building on the Danforth (Restaurant Ground Floor and Owner’s Residential Unit 2nd Floor)

*These drawings were the initial building permit submission drawings. Revised drawings were resubmitted that showed framing structure for the cantilevered floor portion of the 2nd Floor at the rear of the addition. Also, it may be better to have an 1″ space between the exterior concrete block wall and the interior stud wall filled with batt insulation wall assembly as the concrete block is porous to accept water from the exterior. The exterior walls were changed to ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction because the contractor was knowledgeable in that trade as well. No site revisions to drawings were needed during the construction of this small but somewhat complicated Mix-Use addition.