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At Bramalea City Centre – many of the existing elements are reused: storefront unchanged, floor tiles and display slat-walls remained. New colours and features are introduced to match with existing colours and to increase storage of products.

DSC_1551web DSC_1552web DSC_1553web DSC_1554web poster copy


LED potlights (above)



23 and 43 Division Police Stations in Etobicoke and Scarborough

23 and 43 Division Police Stations, Etobicoke and Scarborough

Nelson Wong Architect 2005

Building Area: 55,000 sq.ft.

Budget: $15 million

Nelson Wong Architect provided programming, design, contract documents services for this 55,000 sq.ft Police facility. This building is the second prototype model station incorporating Community Based Policing concept with an optimal complement of some 300 police staff and containing a detention centre of 25 cells. Also an important client directive is to reduce annual operating costs by 25% using Green Building Strategies.

Some of the Green Building strategies are:

– using native plants
– capturing prevailing winds
– rain water harvesting by using exposed cisterns to collect roof runoffs, water collected is used to water
plant material located along building façade’s colonnade thru a drip irrigation systems.
– using sun’s energy in conjunction with energy efficient architectural, mechanical and electrical components.

Lowell Lo was the Project Architect for the latter half of the Construction Document Phase for 23 Division Police Station. Lowell was in charge of a staff of 4, he was responsible for coordinating architectural drawings with Structural, Mechanical and Electrical drawings. Lowell also completed the Construction Documents and relayed the drawing package to Atkins Architects for Contract Administration.

Maison Spring Garden

This house incorporates the latest architectural features and green building technologies. The roof will be a light roof. The R Value of the walls and roof will be higher than building code standards with the installation of a HRV. Rainwater will be collected into a cistern for grey water use and solar hot water tanks will also be installed on the roof. The main space of the house is a two storey space with clerestorey windows above for light and ventilation. Also located in this space is a two storey high “Living Wall” which will be tied in with the mechanical system for purifying the return air of the house. The main vertical circulation is a stair wrapping around a glass elevator which connects all levels of the house.

Stairs, Decks, Porches and Basement walk-outs

3 Storey Exterior Steel Fire Escape Stair for Blue Door Youth Shelter Newmarket

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2nd Floor Raised Deck and Approval for Turning a Single Family Detached House into a Multi-unit Dwelling Part 9 Building



Walk-out Basement with Proper Underpinning Details for a Basement Sleeping Rooms Reno for a Single Family Dwelling only Zoning District in Scarborough

DSC_1782webThe existing window lintel was raised to accommodate new door height. DSC_1783web DSC_1784web

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C:UsersOwnerDocumentsMy Dropbox#projectsLOWELL LO DESIGN I

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Reviewing and Revising Design for Permit Approval for a Cantilevered Deck in Etobicoke



DSC_0277 DSC_0278 DSC_0279 DSC_0396 DSC_0397DSC_0398 DSC_0400  Steel Stair and Structural Frame for the Raised Deck by Steel Fabricator and Wood Floor Assembly and Guardrail by owner to install himself


DSC_0345DSC_0358 DSC_0352 DSC_0348 DSC_0346 Reconstruction of Demolished Existing Raised Cedar Deck with Attached Storage Shed and Front Elevation Glass Guard at the home of a member of Green Neighbour 21


Little Caesar Pizzaria

Lowell Lo Design Inc. Architect is the Architect of record for some of the Little Caesar Pizzaria stores in Ontario from 2010-2013. More than 15 stores have been approved by drawings done by LLDIA for Building Permit application of the stores in various municipalities.