Things Permaculture 2023

Sept 2023

Repurposed Coffee Cups Water Lily (with Rechargeable Batteries Ballast) Lanterns

Single Open-Top Painted Translucent White Barrel Stand Install 2022 – Agincourt (next to native golden rods pollinator plants) 💪

The Stand-alone Single Petals-Funnel-Rainbarrel for The Open Farm-fields

Late April 2022 at King Square Shopping Centre Markham
TO Tiffunny Co. for Repurposed Plastics Glowing Planters Holders

DIY Repurposed Plastics Seedlings Indoor Setup (Late May 2022 – after some 1st harvests of greens)

DIY Repurposed Material Glowlight Setup #1 (Easter Weekend April 2022)

Repurposed Candy Wrap Flower & Coffee Cup Stands

$35.00 plus HST for each (50% of sales will be donated to a local TO non-profit group)

Repurposed Lumber 2′-0″ LED Tube Grow-light Stand

Single 2′-0″ long LED tube light with reclaimed wooden stand starts at $85.00 plus HST (not including repurposed plastics seedling planter lanterns shown) – 15% of sales going to an Environmental non-profit group.

The 2 tier Grow-Cart

$575.00 plus HST (includes bottom hanging growlight)

Finishing Removable Table Top Coloured Plugs

The Glowing Seedling Lantern Barrel Bar-Height Table

$850.00 plus HST – includes 8′-0″ long purple LED strip lights and 2 crescent moon shaped plexi-glass shelves at seedling planters at various heights

Spring Seedlings Growing Inside the reflective and more insulated micro-climate of the translucent Barrel with the wireless karaoke speaker with mic from Markham

The Complete Raised 1/2 Barrel with Sub-irrigation Reservoir (with Cold Frame Dome Cover which also can be used as additional planter bed)

$500.00 plus HST (10% of sale price will be donated to a non-proft Social Activism group)

various design version for the wooden stands are available for the Raised Barrel Planters

Rain-barrel and Sub-irrigated Planter Bed Installations

St James Town Community Garden (Downtown TO – 2021)

U of T St. George Student Residence Community Garden with Re-genesis Students Climate Action Group (2019)

Single Barrel Installation at the Rooftop of a Residential Unit of new Townhouse Development in Regent Park downtown Toronto (2019)

Single Painted Starry Night TO Barrel Install in Markham 2020

That East Scarborough Family who turned their backyard into an Urban Farm the year before we (Mr. Dave Jones and I) met to install the Rain-barrel Stand with gravity fed drip-irrigation directly into the planting mounds (Summer 2018 – connected with the family through Toronto Urban Growers TUG google group I think it was)

The Demountable Chicken Wire Cages Raised Bed

The owners in this former Ward21 DT TO neighbourhood needed cage protection from aggressive squirrels in the first half of the growing seasons. According to their 8 seasons backyard growing experience, caged beds is most effective and they didn’t want to see the cages during the non-growing seasons.

Repurposed Plastics Sub-irrigated Flower Planter Workshop at Access Alliance Community Centre East York (2019)

The Repurposed Skids and Used Lumber Shelter Storage with (Winter 2014)

The Single Rain-barrel Stand and Raised Sub-irrigated Planter Bed Installations at 2 of my Taoist Tai Chi Instructor/Teachers’ Backyards in Scarborough (2018 & 2020)

The Inverted (2L Pop or other Large size) Bottle Flowering Art Planter – with airing holes / flares at the inverted necks of the bottles)

Painted Canvas Banners for TO Green Non-profit Groups