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The Re-purposed Barrel Grow-light Lantern Furniture Stand with Strip LED purple lights





2019 Seedy Saturday at Toronto Botanical Gardens




Commissioned Canvas Banner for Transition Toronto with biased tape edging sewn on by repairathon.com



Carving Motifs Decorated Base Rain-barrel Stand

DSC_0519 (2) (Owner-PC's conflicted copy 2018-12-03)


Red Cardinal Nature Scene Motif for the Stackable version Rain-barrel Stand

DSC_0519 (3)



 Painted Nature Vignettes Inspired by the Iconic Paintings of Tom Thomson



DSC_0594 (2)


Painted Art Nouveau Inspired Florals

DSC_0550 (2)



“Starry Night Toronto” Theme Decorated Double Rain-barrel Stand at the office

DSC_0394 copy


Version 2 Growlight Stand with LED lights (Oct 2018 Harvest Party at 4100 Lawrence Ave. Apartments Community Garden)


T-Configuration Double Rain-barrel Stand (Sept 2018)C:UsersOwnerDocumentsMy Dropbox#projectsLOWELL LO DESIGN I


Also assisting Assistant/Intern Architect Insiya (recent Masters Grad from India)

Rain-barrel and Sub-irrigation Beds install in East Scarborough (July 2018)


The home owner fenced off her backyard last year to grow food this year. We connected with her at just the right time when she was looking for garden help this year. Dave created sandbox using scrap pieces of cedar wood from another client’s rear deck project

















Showing start of abundant growth in Aug 2018







20180731_195743 20180731_195755
















Poster Showing Rain Barrel and Planter Bed Initiative Installs in East York and in East Scarborough (2018)


Demountable Raised Sub-irrigated Planter Bed by Dave Jones of East Scarborough Community Gardens (Tabling at Kilbourne Park United Church Permaculture Garden Opening Day 2018, East York)



East York Rain Barrel and Sub-irrigated Planter Bed Installation in East York (Spring 2018)



Tabling at Seedy Saturday with Dave Jones with our design products of wooden rainbarrel stands and sub-irrigated planter beds at GEBIS in Concord Ontario






The six-legged design allows the cross pieces to be demountable into 2 hand-held pieces for easy storage and strong enough to hold a 50 gallon barrel full of water – made with Pressure Treated Lumber or Natural Cedar using only 2″x4″ members. The current design has a 2′-0″ diameter clearance for fitting the barrels.



Food Grade Plastic Transport Barrel on an older Version 3 barrel stand.  (Note: The white barrel shown will let in ultra-violet light so it is not recommended for use as rain cisterns/barrels)


DSC_0358 copy

Current Version 3 lifts the barrels off the ground by 11″ so a watering can can be placed under the barrel. The double outer Legs eliminated the need for complex wood joinery. The whole assembly is held together using ceramic deck screws and carpenter’s glue at the double leg connection.


rain barrel stand cutout copy

Version 4 – The outer double legs are shifted to grab hold of the barrel above more. By shifting up the outer legs, it allowed the stands to be stack-able.



The Triple Stacked Stand for greater water pressure to planting beds via gravity if required – 2 Version 4 barrels over Version 3 as base.



It is recommended by other gardeners to place the Wooden Stand on top of 2′x2′ concrete pavers so the weight of the barrel will be spread across the concrete paver.

*Interesting fact about wood’s carbon sequestration ability: Throughout the life of a tree, it continually absorbs carbon from its environment. All the carbon absorbed throughout its life is stored in its wood fibre even after it is up-rooted from the ground. All of this stored carbon is kept in its fibre only to be released back into the atmosphere when it is burnt.


To Order:

-Email Lowell Lo at: llo@lowelllodesign.com for notification of subsequent payment via e-transfer and to specify order for Version 3 or Version 4 stands
-Allow at least 2 weeks for Assembly and Delivery Time if within 1 hour drive within Ontario
-$79.10 for 1 Pressure Treated Wood Stand (includes HST)
-$113.00 for 1 Cedar Wood Stand (includes HST)
-Delivery charge within 1 hour drive from North York (Victoria Park Ave. & Sheppard Ave) is $16.95 (includes HST)
-If place of delivery is more than 1 hour drive then professional courier will be used (additionally charged)
-Please also specify if your would prefer the clearance space for fitting the barrel to be smaller than 2′-0″ wide; provide width of the rain-barrel you will be using if possible

Page 1 & 4Page 2 & 3Rain Barrel and Planter Bed - Nov 2, 2016

planter bed copy

Planter Bed Enclosure Structure Design for Protection from Wind, Sun, Rain and Critters



Dave Jone’s Sub-irrigated Planter/Grow Frame Design

IMG_00000173 IMG_00000175 IMG_00000177


Article published in The 2015 Members Directory Magazine from the Ontario Association of Architects about my volunteer work in the Permaculture community in Toronto.

Pages from 2015 Profiles _ Lowell Lo-1 web



arbor signage3

Bulletin Board Structure for the Centre for Immigrant and Community Services


DSC_0840 web

Demountable Condiments Shelves


Grow Light Stand

20140111_150200web copy

Rain-barrel stand using 1×4″s IKEA baby bed slats deocorated with Native American motifs

3-d-wf      webDSC_0892  Magazine stand using bed mattress slats designed and built at Permaculture Living Convergence Fall 2013 in Toronto.



Nelson Wong Architect’s Office Vegetable Greenhouse Garden


“Permablitz” – based on the principles of Permaculture (permanent agriculture) which arose during the 1970s in response to Peak Oil is when people come together to achieve the following:Create or add to edible gardens where someone lives,Share skills related to permaculture and sustainable livingBuild community networks and have fun


Skid Structure #1 (in the making) for rain barrel storage and as market stand at The Permaculture Project GTA (www.permaculturegta.org)

me and chris

with Chris Hill making an earlier version of the Rain Barrel Stands



Rooftop sub-irrigated planter pods areas using skids at TPPGTA


Skid Storage Screen Shelter

b & w 2013-12-23 12.37web Skid Storage Shelter OAA- 4th page only web web sepia 2013-12-23 12.38 web web-2013-12-23-12.30 web




Dome arbour using twigs at Eva’s Initiative Youth Shelter, North York


Planter Display Box for Elementary School Children

301025_10150758468185427_8083372_nRain barrel stand using 4 x 4 cedar posts (Built by: Shane Smith)


Permablitz at a suburban home in North York (summer 2011)


Greenshire Eco Farms 2013 Opening, Lindsay Ontario