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Wooden Rain Barrel Stand Version 3.0



Page 1 & 4Page 2 & 3Rain Barrel and Planter Bed - Nov 2, 2016

planter bed copy

Planter Bed Enclosure Structure Design for Protection from Wind, Sun, Rain and Critters



Dave Jone’s Sub-irrigated Planter/Grow Frame Design

IMG_00000173 IMG_00000175 IMG_00000177


Article published in The 2015 Members Directory Magazine from the Ontario Association of Architects about my volunteer work in the Permaculture community in Toronto.

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arbor signage3

Bulletin Board Structure for the Centre for Immigrant and Community Services


DSC_0840 web

Demountable Condiments Shelves


Grow Light Stand

20140111_150200web copy

Rain-barrel stand using 1×4″s IKEA baby bed slats deocorated with Native American motifs

3-d-wf      webDSC_0892  Magazine stand using bed mattress slats designed and built at Permaculture Living Convergence Fall 2013 in Toronto.



Nelson Wong Architect’s Office Vegetable Greenhouse Garden


“Permablitz” – based on the principles of Permaculture (permanent agriculture) which arose during the 1970s in response to Peak Oil is when people come together to achieve the following:Create or add to edible gardens where someone lives,Share skills related to permaculture and sustainable livingBuild community networks and have fun


Skid Structure #1 (in the making) for rain barrel storage and as market stand at The Permaculture Project GTA (www.permaculturegta.org)


Rooftop sub-irrigated planter pods areas using skids at TPPGTA


Skid Storage Screen Shelter

b & w 2013-12-23 12.37web Skid Storage Shelter OAA- 4th page only web web sepia 2013-12-23 12.38 web web-2013-12-23-12.30 web




Dome arbour using twigs at Eva’s Initiative Youth Shelter, North York


Planter Display Box for Elementary School Children

301025_10150758468185427_8083372_nRain barrel stand using 4 x 4 cedar posts (Built by: Shane Smith)


Permablitz at a suburban home in North York (summer 2011)


Greenshire Eco Farms 2013 Opening, Lindsay Ontario